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Bt Announces Price Updates – Then Freezes Key Prices Until 2013

27 August 2011
United Kingdom
Company: BT Broadband

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The prices to be frozen include those for its most popular Anytime calls plan 1 , standard line rental and calls to UK landlines 2 . The changes, to take effect from 3 December 2011, will see some prices rise - by five per cent or less - but most prices will be held at their current level including those for many of BT’s most popular broadband “bundles”, BT Vision on-demand services and calls from landlines to mobiles which BT cut by up to 24 per cent recently.

BT is keeping the price of its popular Anytime calls plan under £5 per month and then promising to freeze it until 2013. This plan – which will go up by 20 pence to £4.90 per month – used to cost almost £15 per month five years ago and offers customers inclusive calls to UK landlines 3 and 0845/0870 numbers 24/7 for just 16 pence per day. It is now BT’s most popular calls plan with more than 3.5 million customers.

The key points are:

- Most prices will remain at their current level in December. These include those for calls from landlines to mobiles as well as the price of many of BT’s most popular broadband “bundles” and BT Vision on-demand services.

- Some prices will rise - by five per cent or less - from 3 December 2011. These include those for standard line rental, calls plans, standard broadband and the cost of calling other UK landlines (Anytime customers do not pay for such calls).

- Following these changes, BT has committed to freeze many prices until 2013 including those for its most popular Anytime calls plan, standard line rental and the cost of calling other UK landlines.

- BT is telling its customers how they can save money with BT by choosing options such as Line Rental Saver (offering each customer a saving of £4.60 a month 4), BT Vision TV for just £4 a month and a Broadband and Anytime call package for just £16 a month.

John Petter, managing director of BT’s Consumer Division, said: “We are making a series of price updates in December, but are then freezing some of our main prices until 2013. This will provide our customers with greater certainty over their bills. We are also telling them how they can save money with BT. Our Line Rental Saver product for example will soon provide customers with a saving of more than £50 per year so if half our customers took that option the collective saving would be more than £250 million. There are other ways in which customers can save money and so we are committed to offering really good value for money in an extremely competitive market”.



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